Integral Health and Wellness Retreat in Greece

Come to a Heath and Wellness Retreat in beautiful, sunny Greece!  

Leave with some tools that will make your life better.

Enhance your Physical, Emotional and Mental Well-Being

by learning about Herbs, Nutrition and HeartMath®!

Ever feel stressed, time-pressured, exhausted, overwhelmed? Frustrated with a chronic health condition? If you are struggling in today’s high-paced life, experiencing anxiety, depression, specific health conditions, or looking to improve your well-being and vitality, this retreat is for you. Come be rejuvenated in a beautiful holistic retreat centre overlooking the sea and learn techniques for maintaining and enhancing health and wellness.  Learn to decrease and prevent stress and its impact on your health, relationships, and work, and to create a health-positive life using herbs, nutrition, stress-management techniques, and the healing power of nature.

When: May 29th to June 5th, 2015.

Where: Kalikalos, Mt. Pelion, Greece.

About owenokie

I'm a Clinical Herbalist, Wilderness Therapist and HeartMath Provider living in Scotland and am also studying Buddhist Psychotherapy.
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