Erik Truffaz – Yabous – YouTube

Here is the response that French Jazz musicians had to racism and the Iraq war. Trumpet player Erik Truffaz began collaborating with a Mounir Troudi who sings in Arabic, and his vocalist Nya wrote these beautiful, moving and heart-opening lyrics. For me this demonstrates the great power music and art has to cross the great divides of culture, religion, beliefs, and history to re-unite is in our common roots and our common humanity. No healing can take place until we face the suffering festering on every-side of such conflicts and this music takes “… one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

So this is a link to the album version but the live one is excellent as well.


Welcome to the city of Yabous
Where one man’s joy is the other man’s blues
And one man’s obituary is the other’s good news
And everybody thinks they’re possessing the truth
Doing wicked things no religion could excuse
But God’s the only judge, everyone stands accused
Those who abuse the youth they confused
The ones who exploit those with nothing to lose
See, when it’s an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth
Beware of the hate that hate produced
So people don’t sleep no more, they just snooze
Keep an eye wide open just in case shit breaks loose
At home, at school, somewhere down the avenue
There’s a checkpoint every soul must pass thru
And I won’t be free and neither will you
Until each and every people will be free too

How many kids must get killed, how much blood spilled
How many homes bulldozed, how many walls built
How many bombs must explode, how many graves filled
Before we live as one according to God’s will

Listen up, y’all descendant of Abraham
And all y’all, sons and daughter of Ibrahim you gotta water the garden of canaan Before it s gonna dry out like a desert dream
See, a tree has many branches that share the same roots
No matter which branch it bears the same fruit
Now, Israelites and Ishmaelites have to have equal rights and justice




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I'm a Clinical Herbalist, Wilderness Therapist and HeartMath Provider living in Scotland and am also studying Buddhist Psychotherapy.
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