A case for HeartMath: A Healthy Heart Helps Protect Cognitive Function Long-Term – Modern Readers

Here is one more article demonstrating the physical and cognitive benefits of understanding the human mindbody as formed by multiple integrated systems instead of separate and independent parts. The body and the brain work together, and the heart and the brain work together, and our metabolic and cardio-vascular health effect our cognitive and mental health. Our cognitive and mental-health also effects our physical health, including the healthy functioning of our heart. This is why cultivating psychophysiological (mind and body) coherence is so vital and one highly effective path to high coherence, and the associated physical, mental and emotional benefits,  is HeartMath’s approach to regulating Heart-Rate Variability. Such an approach is complemented by the use of herbs for supporting metabolism, cardiovascular health, and re-calibrating our stress-response. Herbs and supplements can enhance lifestyle changes and practices by supporting the nervous system (in particular the Autonomic Nervous System), while increasing resilience using adaptogens that improve immune function and modulate the HPA axis, thereby regulating our stress-response. This is why an integral approach to health and wellness which addresses body, heart, and mind is so vital.



It’s long been suspected that the heart and the mind are connected in ways we really don’t fully understand and perhaps never will. However, there’s growing evidence to suggest that one of the best way of keeping an aging mind sharp may be to step things up when it comes to looking after your heart’s …

Source: Study: A Healthy Heart Helps Protect Cognitive Function Long-Term – Modern Readers

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I'm a Clinical Herbalist, Wilderness Therapist and HeartMath Provider living in Scotland and am also studying Buddhist Psychotherapy.
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