Summer falling, Autumn rising

Hello Friends,

The summer has passed too fast! We are now gorging on this years profusion of black berries and I’m planning on harvesting and exploring the culinary uses of nettle seeds for the first time. Though the roots and leaves of nettles are frequently used in herbal medicine (and the leaves are one of the most delicious of wild foods) usage of the seeds is far less common. Nettle seeds function as an adaptogen, promoting overall health and supporting resilience in the face of stress, and also very specifically protect and restore the kidneys when their function is compromised due to disease or certain types of chemotherapy. I’ve been reviewing the experiences of other herbalists on the subject including some case studies with lab data on kidney function (Glomerular Filtration Rates) actually improving and mystifying the doctors. Very promising for integrative approaches to kidney disease.

We’re putting a final call out for our “Flourish – integral health and wellness retreat” from October 5th-7th. Bring whatever mental or physical health goals you have and leave with some personalised strategies for attaining them along with renewed motivation and vitality. We’ll be teaching and practicing a variety of approaches to reduce stress, build resilience and new ways to address the challenges in your life.

If you are interested please make your booking by September 20th. You can stay in the cottage (there are only 4 places) or the bothy or campsite.

In Chinese Medicine Autumn is the phase of the year where we let go of that which we no longer need. This is exemplified by a tree shedding its leaves. We are not letting go of our essential, deep self, but some of the no longer helpful (often problematic) leaves and branches which adorn us: for example old habits we’ve used since childhood to get our needs met or to keep us safe which are often no longer appropriate or attitudes and behaviors that no longer serve us.  We thereby enter into winter replete with the stored energy from harvesting the abundance of summer yet somehow lighter, clearer, freer from our old patterns and ready to enter into the next phase of the year — the opportunity for  deep introspection and metamorphosis while cocooned in hibernation during winter. Essentially Autumn supports us in letting go of that which holds us back and prepares us for the transformative potential of Winter. Our workshop is perfectly poised to catalyse this process.

For more information go to the EarthMind facebook page or send me an email.

yours truly


About owenokie

I'm a Clinical Herbalist, Wilderness Therapist and HeartMath Provider living in Scotland and am also studying Buddhist Psychotherapy.
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