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Summer falling, Autumn rising

Hello Friends, The summer has passed too fast! We are now gorging on this years profusion of black berries and I’m planning on harvesting and exploring the culinary uses of nettle seeds for the first time. Though the roots and … Continue reading

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Vaping linked to host of new health risks | Science News

I’ve felt cautious about the “vaping” trend ever-since it started…repackaging nicotine in an increasingly synthetic medium simply doesn’t appear to be a particularly brilliant idea (except maybe from a ethics-free financial perspective). This article summarises some of the ever-more-numerous studies … Continue reading

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Mesothelioma – Herbal and Integrative Strategies for “Asbestos Cancer”

September, 26th. Mesothelioma Awareness Day.  Mesothelioma – Herbal and Integrative Strategies for “Asbestos Cancer” (Note: August 27, 2018. I published this blog four years ago and it remains my most popular. This is a testimony to the lack of good information … Continue reading

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Puyssentut – a new cancer retreat center in France.

Hello Everyone, There’s a new cancer retreat center opening in France which I will be working at in the future – I’ll be doing classes and consults on herbal medicine and nutrition for cancer, HeartMath, and counselling sessions. They will … Continue reading

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