Integral Stress-Management

Integral Stress-management.

I take a holistic or integrative approach to stress-management. This entails herbal and nutritional recommendations as well as life style changes, coaching and counseling. The heart of my stress-management approach is HeartMath. I teach these skills in both 1 to 1 consultations and in workshops.

“Stress” has many contributors and any truly effective approach to reducing stress will consider and address as many of these as necessary. Lets take a brief tour using the four quadrants of Integral Theory to categorize these contributors. Take a moment and consider which aspects are most relevant to you.

1) Emotional and Psychological: Your emotional state (anger, fear, depression, anxiety boredom), thoughts, attitudes, feelings, psychology, spirituality. One of the most important aspects is “Emotional Intelligence” — your awareness of your own emotions, others emotions, and your ability to self-regulate your emotions and control your impulses.

2) Physical and Lifestyle: your metabolism and physiology, nutrition, exercise, behavior (particularly coping behaviors, sleep quantity and quality, etc.), energy levels, physical health (stress impacts both body and mind – fundamentally the two are not separate).

3) Social and Environmental: your work and home environment (are conditions good or bad), your commute, socio-economic factors (are you struggling financially), time in nature, exposure to environmental toxins.

4) Culture and Support Network: What is the culture you live in? Is your work culture a “stress culture” or does it believe that employee health and well-being are important (and improve performance). What about your family and friends? Do they contribute to stress and how so?

Neglect of any of the important contributors in any of these four categories will seriously hamper your ability to decrease stress.

Integral Stress-Management involves a custom-tailored approach to not only decreasing stress but building resilience (strength, flexibility, adaptability, endurance, “bounce back”). You will find your emotional weather gradually shifting into a healthier and happier climate. The decrease of stress and the increase in resilience leads to sharper more creative thinking, better performance (in work and sports), improved communications and relationships, and contributes to a healthier and more vital physiology, decreased risk of disease, and improved immune function. This is achieved by comprehensively addressing the most pertinent contributors to your stress with: counselling, lifestyle changes (exercise, relaxation skills, improving sleep), meditation or mindfulness techniques, nutrition, supplements and herbs, and HeartMath — a set of tools and techniques for decreasing stress and building resilience. Our goal is to both decrease the stressors (causes of stress) in your life and to improve your ability to handle and transform the stress that inevitably arises. This is a challenging yet thrilling journey and requires a great deal of personal engagement, self-responsibility, openness to grow and change, and patience (with yourself mostly).

Workshops and Classes

For more information to my Events page.  I’m running a Wilderness Therapy workshop in June as well as a HeartMath Workshop. I’m also running a Health and Wellness Retreat at Kalikalos, a Holistic vacation centre in Greece, in September.



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