Deepest Darkness: exploring the North with EarthMind Fellowship

I’m announcing to the world the first of EarthMind’s retreats at our new campsite,  Badrallach.

This is the North-Winter retreat of EarthMind Fellowship’s Seasonal retreats. We will be exploring and cultivating the Northern facet of your psyche through a variety of practices. This is your opportunity to develop your connection with the deepest aspects of nature in winter, to nurture yourself with stillness, to develop larger more encompassing perspectives, to develop yourself and your projects, and to strengthen the Northern facets of your personality. We will be working with a variety of practices from Bill Plotkin, HeartMath, Buddhist Psychotherapy, and EMF own explorer’s kit. The retreat will take place at the Badrallach Campsite, Bothy and Cottage in Scotland ( from January 5-8th, 2017.

I shall be posting some blog entrees with more details and exploring content. You can stay connected via our facebook events page (and please help us spread the word!):


or you can write to me with questions at

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Political Poison and Collective Trauma

I want to share this with everyone as I feel it puts into a greater and grander context the very challenges that each of us as individuals, couples, and family members are currently experiencing. It helps elucidate the incoherency and bewilderment brought upon us through feeling and experiencing the suffering and fear of the world. Michael clarifies its impact on us as individuals in relationship, both in terms of anxiety, fear, and division and the potential for strengthening of awareness, connection, love, healing and transformation. In the heat of the World’s fired our souls are being tempered. Thank you Michael Meade.


Source: Political Poison and Collective Trauma

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Integral European Conference Best Poster Award for my Integral Health and Medicine Poster!

I recently returned from the Body, Psyche and Soul shaking Integral European Conference 2016 in Hungary. I won the Best Poster Award for my Integral Health, Medicine, Healing and Herbalism poster, with the help of my wife, Christy, who did the poster design.  So the question for the world is: How can we create a truly holistic and comprehensive approach to healing that addresses all facets of human nature and encompasses the great diversity of healing modalities developed over tens of thousands of years of human evolution?

For all you geeks out there who want to know more about my PhD Research and how I’m applying integral theory to the process of synergistically bringing together the worlds most ancient approaches to healing with the leading edge of the biological and medical sciences here is my poster.




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A case for HeartMath: A Healthy Heart Helps Protect Cognitive Function Long-Term – Modern Readers

Here is one more article demonstrating the physical and cognitive benefits of understanding the human mindbody as formed by multiple integrated systems instead of separate and independent parts. The body and the brain work together, and the heart and the brain work together, and our metabolic and cardio-vascular health effect our cognitive and mental health. Our cognitive and mental-health also effects our physical health, including the healthy functioning of our heart. This is why cultivating psychophysiological (mind and body) coherence is so vital and one highly effective path to high coherence, and the associated physical, mental and emotional benefits,  is HeartMath’s approach to regulating Heart-Rate Variability. Such an approach is complemented by the use of herbs for supporting metabolism, cardiovascular health, and re-calibrating our stress-response. Herbs and supplements can enhance lifestyle changes and practices by supporting the nervous system (in particular the Autonomic Nervous System), while increasing resilience using adaptogens that improve immune function and modulate the HPA axis, thereby regulating our stress-response. This is why an integral approach to health and wellness which addresses body, heart, and mind is so vital.



It’s long been suspected that the heart and the mind are connected in ways we really don’t fully understand and perhaps never will. However, there’s growing evidence to suggest that one of the best way of keeping an aging mind sharp may be to step things up when it comes to looking after your heart’s …

Source: Study: A Healthy Heart Helps Protect Cognitive Function Long-Term – Modern Readers

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Presenting at the Integral European Conference

I’ve been invited to present at the Integral European Conference in Turkey this May! I shall be giving a talk related to my PhD Research at the University of Aberdeen and running a 2.5 hour EarthMind Fellowship workshop.

 Integral Health and Healing: Developing an Integral Meta-Paradigm for Health, Healing, Medicine, and Herbalism as part of my PhD research.


EarthMind Fellowship -. Connect with and explore the wilderness, both inner and outer, and experience the power and wisdom of Nature for healing, growth and transformation.

This is going to be an extra-ordinary conference so check-it out at:

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Cholesterol Is Finally Officially Removed From ‘Naughty’ List

Well, the article speaks for itself, however I would like to voice my appreciation to the researchers, doctors, and practitioners of natural medicine (herbalists!) who have been courageously and though in-line with the evidence against the grain of public health and established medical practices, encouraging this shift from an obsession on cholesterol onto the more significant culprits of inflammation and blood sugar (and I would add “stress”) for decades. Thank you for you perseverance. The question remains why did it take so long for the research to be put into practice? Might the discovery of anti-cholesterol drugs and their ease of marketability without significant lifestyle changes be a culprit? Reducing sugar, inflammation, and stress require far more engaged patients along with increased support from health care practitioners (which requires time and knowledge of nutrition), and are less conducive to simple pharmacological interventions (no magic pills)…In any case this change in USDA recommendations is good new as it places the attention where it needs to be.

The US government has finally accepted that cholesterol is not a ‘nutrient of concern’, doing a U-turn on their warnings.

Source: Cholesterol Is Finally Officially Removed From ‘Naughty’ List

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Vaping linked to host of new health risks | Science News

I’ve felt cautious about the “vaping” trend ever-since it started…repackaging nicotine in an increasingly synthetic medium simply doesn’t appear to be a particularly brilliant idea (except maybe from a ethics-free financial perspective). This article summarises some of the ever-more-numerous studies showing the impact of vaping, particularly on immune function, but also on brain function and sperm counts. Most of these studies are in test tubes and in mice, but there are also a number of human studies that have been reviewed elsewhere.


Animal studies and analyses of gene activity point to broad range of potential new health risks from vaping affecting everything from sperm to heart and immunity to mental health.

Source: Vaping linked to host of new health risks | Science News

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