Social Enterprise, Service and Sustainability

Integral Herbalism: Social Enterprise and Sustainability

Integral Herbalism is a Social Enterprise. A Social Enterprise is a business created with the intention and vision of benefiting individuals, communities, and the World. It’s operations are thereby carefully scrutinized for their impact upon our community and our environment with the explicit goal of minimizing negative effects ( such as waste production and Green-house gas emissions), while maximizing positive impacts (benefiting others via education, supporting other socially and environmentally responsible companies, giving back to local communities, etc.)

Integral Herbalism Community Health Initiative

Integral Herbalism is therefore always on the look-out for opportunities to serve by teaching free and low-cost classes, seminars, and workshops on pertinent topics – especially at community centers, libraries, schools, and non-profit organizations. If are interested in having me speak or conduct a workshop please let me know.

Integral Herbalism Community Health Fund

The Integral Herbalism Community Health Fund is a fund to support individuals and families with financial concerns by subsidizing consultations and recommended herbal medicines.

The fund is maintained by a portion of all profits, including half of the profits from sales of Floracoepeia Essential Oils and iAwake -Profound Meditation Binaural Entrainment products and Mountain Rose Herbs (organic and ethically wild-crafted, bulk herbs,capsules, essential oils, and herbal supplies.)

Profound Meditation

Mountain Rose Herbs


100% of sales of the song Integral Herbalism by the band Fractal Cat goes directly to the fund (see Fractal Cat).

You can also give yourself the gift of emotional well-being by donating directly.

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