Testimonials and Comments About…


Nature-Based Therapy with Earth Mind Fellowship 

“I’d not done an exercise like this before and so had no expectations. It turned out to be a very profound experience that blew me away. Accessing Nature’s voice lead me far into the forest and further still into the heart of me. It helped me to debunk many recent fears by illustrating very strongly my life’s journey and my actions needed for resolution. I came away feeling like I’d had given my soul a spa treatment!”    🙂

S.G., Medical Herbalist.

“The Wilderness Therapy was absolutely brilliant…(in need of a better word here) it has given me a whole new approach to how I can be alone and not just in nature.”


“What a fantastically rich experience. The day surpassed all my expectations and I came away feeling deeply connected to both nature and myself. I know I will be able to come back to the insights and skills I gained on this workshop over and over again, and I can’t wait for the next one! Thank you both so much.”

B. G., Counsellor and Karate Teacher


Integral Health and Wellness Retreat at Kalikalos 2015

“Owen has an incredible extent of knowledge of his chosen fields and mixed with profound insight he successfully opens your mind to an array of exciting possibilities into healing and health. I’m very grateful to Owen for his time and dedication for his part on my journey.”

S.G. Medical Herbalist

“ I really enjoyed all aspects of it – came away with much more than I could have imagined and in addition to the knowledge gained, really enjoyed the connection within the group.”

“Great. You took you time making sure the concepts were understood. very measured and like I said, not overwhelming, even with all of the info. Also, felt like a very safe space was created within the group and that you set the tone of the group to support and listen to each other.”


“This was an invaluable experience, I am grateful to have had the chance to participate and also to have met your.”

“Owen’s approach to human psyche and functioning is truly multi-disciplinary. Refreshing and though-provoking in several ways. As a facilitator, he creates a welcoming and inspiring space for growth and learning.”



“HeartMath was really inspiring, a new take on dynamics that I can apply and can help me in improving my communications, relationships and authenticity.”


Great exercises I will take with me and can see using/integrating into my life. Scaffolding as you said. ”


Herbal Medicine

“Very effective allergy treatment. I have suffered from allergies all my life, and would treat the symptoms with OTC anti-histamines and inhalers. However, Owen helped me realize I was addressing the symptoms, but not my overly sensitive reactions to allergens. Owen was able to recommend a treatment that cured my allergies, which has resulted in a tremendous improvement in my quality of life that I hadn’t imagined possible. His holistic approach to healing is also very logical and effective.”


“Owen is a gifted herbalist. Owen has been helping me for years with various health concerns and this has made a huge difference in my life. He is good at seeing patterns and he notices when those shift. He understands how to change the herbal remedies to help encourage those positive shifts and help a client move away from the negative ones. He also operates on a sliding scale, so that everyone can afford his services. I have found Owen to be kind and attentive, and I highly recommend his services if you want to work on a specific concern or if you just want better overall health.”


“I started working with Owen about three years ago when I was bedridden, in the midst of the worst health crisis of my life. Working with Owen was amazing right from the start. He asked lots of questions, and really listened to me – which was such a gift after having been to so many doctors who didn’t have the time and also had no idea how to help me. Understanding that my journey back to health would be a long one, still I started feeling better right away with more energy. Over the next few years we have met regularly and I have continued to improve. I have overall less pain and fatigue, and have slowly been able to get my life back. I am now back to work (full time!) I still have some ways to go, but I am so grateful, remembering where I started. Owen is a wonderful, caring, empathetic and incredibly knowledgable provider. I urge everyone to consider working with him.”

L.T.   (Client with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).