Creativity, Communications and Perception — an integral health retreat at Kalikalos Greece.

Early June 2016

Health and Wellness Retreat in Greece

Enhance your Physical, Emotional and Mental Well-Being
by learning about Herbs, Nutrition and HeartMath!

My colleague Susan and I will be running a Health and Wellness Retreat at Kalikalos a holistic holiday centre on Mt. Pelion in Greece.

An Integral Approach to Health

Ever feel stressed, overwhelmed, time-pressured, tired, exhausted, run-down, under the weather, or simply “not at your best?” If so, the Health and Wellness retreat is for you.

Many of us struggle to keep up in today’s high-paced life.  If you are dealing with “stress” fatigue, anxiety, or specific health conditions, or if you are simply looking to improve your own and your family’s well-being and vitality, this retreat can help you regain your footing!

Welcome to a rare opportunity to be rejuvenated in a beautiful holistic retreat centre.  You’ll be able to explore the remote beaches and mountains of Greece while learning techniques for maintaining and enhancing health and wellness. You can learn to decrease and prevent stress and its impact on your health, relationships, work, and life. The skills you will learn will serve you, hopefully, for a lifetime.

You will have over 20 hours of instruction and practice.  Owen and Susan will impart knowledge, tools and techniques while blending HeartMath and meditation with nutrition, herbal medicine and natural supplements. It’s an integral approach to health — addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.

The vast majority of chronic conditions and disease are impacted by stress, and so they are often improved via techniques taught in this workshop. Our aim is to bring various strands of knowledge together into a coherent and synergistic package so you are able to formulate a treatment plan based on your individual needs.  We hope to empower you to take charge of your own and your family’s health and well-being.

This is YOUR workshop, especially if you . . .

  • Feel stuck, stagnant, and frustrated
  • Are longing to change but encounter resistance or don’t know how
  • Want to improve your emotional intelligence, awareness, self-regulation, and skilful expression
  • Are excited to learn better communication and interpersonal skills
  • Would like to gain a broader perspective on your life
  • Want to clarify your goals
  • Desire to better understand and transform life’s obstacles and puzzles
  • Want to understand your weaknesses and blind-spots, as well as how to most effectively catalyse your growth and healing
  • Want to learn new tools and means for getting un-stuck
  • Need support with your exploration, growth, and healing
  • Would like to transform suffering and stagnation into wellness, resilience and growth
  • Want to learn how to tap into your higher resources, your heart-intelligence, and your own inner guidance — as well as into the support of the world around you
  • Desire to access your innate creativity as a means of self-exploration, self-expression, communication and personal transformation

Sound like a lot to get out of one workshop? Well, this is really five workshops wrapped into one!  The workshops are unified by a few underlying principles that form a paradigmatic understanding of the process of evolution and growth.  Delusion, stagnancy, and obstruction form disease, but you can learn to tap into your own wisdom, power and creativity — to move toward a better way of living.

pastedGraphic.pdfIntegral Theory
During this 6-day workshop, we will be using Integral Theory as our overall map or framework. This will enable us to see new and higher perspectives, to spot our own weaknesses, and to coordinate the various approaches taught in the workshop to create your own personal solutions.

pastedGraphic_1.pdfHerbal Medicine 
Herbal Medicine is the oldest system of medicine in the world, and remains in use by 80% of the global population.  Learn the art and science of using plant medicines by awakening the senses: tasting, looking and listening to the plants. The information taught is based on ancient and modern texts.  You’ll be able to discover your individual mind-body type — essential for true holistic healing — and tailor your remedies to your needs.

HeartMath improves problem-solving skills, creativity, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and physical and mental performance.  It can be used at any time and in any place. It contains a set of tools and techniques for the transformation of stress into resilience. Resilient individuals know how to reduce the stressful effects of overload, time demands and emotional resistance more effectively.  HeartMath teaches us how to maintain our flexibility and balance even while stressful circumstances occur.
pastedGraphic_3.pdfCreative Evolution 

Creative Evolution was developed by Susan in order to educate through the power of creativity and play.  In so doing, we re-establish how to reconnect with our innate aliveness and to feel whole, healthy and happy. Creative Evolution focuses on ways to identify our blind spots and engenders compassion for ourselves and other’s perspectives. Through a series of interactive exercises, we will access the creative spirit that allows our authentic selves to shine with grace, purpose, passion and meaning.

pastedGraphic_4.pdfEarthMind Fellowship
The goal of EarthMind Fellowship is to bring therapy and personal development into Nature. Developed by Owen and co-founder Stone Fitzgerald, EarthMind supports individuals in the exploration of nature, both inner and outer, for personal healing, self-awareness, and growth — thereby strengthening our connection to self and the world we live in. Kalikalos is nested upon the slopes of Mount Pelion.  We shall walk into its mythic forests for a day of exploration in Nature.

It’s cliché by now to say the world is interconnected and interdependent because we know this at various levels.  However, we rarely live as if we know it. By learning to know and understand our inner drives; to witness, regulate and communicate our emotional weather; to change our no-longer adaptive habits; and to heal our old wounds, we grow into our own higher potentials. We also become more connected to nature and community — better able to gratefully gather in the gifts of the world and to more joyfully give our own. As our relation to ourselves improves, so does our relationship to others, our friends, family, colleagues, and the more-than-human community of the Earth, within which our life unfolds. The changes in you ripple outwards, affecting family, community and beyond, and supporting the process of growth and healing on an ever wider-scale.

Creativity is a universal principle, evolution and growth, both on the large timescale of biological evolution, and the shorter time-scale of human development, are the process by which creativity is expressed.  It is how the world, in all its ephemeral beauty and inexhaustible diversity, comes into being. This relentless drive to grow, to create, and to change can be blocked by habits, life circumstances, or internal resistance — resulting in a mental, emotional, and physical stagnancy which leads to the development of dis-ease.

Two of the key factors involved in this process of growth versus stagnancy, health vs. ill-health, are Perception and Communication. By learning to perceive ourselves, our environment, and the other individuals in our lives more clearly we liberate ourselves from a great deal of stress and limitations. An essential step is becoming aware of and removing the distorting lenses of our old assumptions, emotions and our cultural and personal biases). We become grounded in our senses, in our body, in our sense-of-self, and present to our here and now. New pathways and new possibilities begin to unveil themselves before our eyes.

Neuroscience speaks of the 3-brains, the reptilian, the mammalian, and the human brain which comprise your Central Nervous System as well as the Gut-brain and the Heart-brain. The extent to which communications within and between these various brains is coherent or incoherent largely determines your state of physical and mental well-being. Psychologically, it is the communications within and between the different aspects of your self-sense, or ego, which determines how well integrated you are and how well you function. For example, all of us have had the experience of internal conflict as exemplified by the idea of the little devil and the little angel  perched upon our shoulders arguing. These various levels of communication move upwards and outwards into our community, the individuals and social systems we relate to, and in our exchanges and communications with our natural environment. Our health, our well-being, our flourishing and growth is intimately tied with these principles of perception and communications, creativity and evolution both within ourselves and with the world which surrounds us.

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About owenokie

I'm a Clinical Herbalist, Wilderness Therapist and HeartMath Provider living in Scotland and am also studying Buddhist Psychotherapy.
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